All About Systems

Psst...Simplicity is the key.  


What makes a system work?

Good systems aren't a mystery.  Here's how to set up a system that will work for you.

Set it up based on how you live. 

Try not to reinvent the wheel.  You want to work with your natural tendencies as much as possible.  If purses, backpacks, and work bags get dumped on the floor by the back door, that's where you should set up an effective drop zone.

Be mindful of the set up. 

The set up needs to accommodate every person who will use this system.  Think simplicity and convenience.

Eliminate unnecessary steps. 

Hooks are the wall are more likely to be used than opening the closet door and hanging up a jacket.  Make it quick and easy to use the system.

Communicate the system. 

You can set up the most awesome, simple, efficient system in the world, but if you don't explain the system to those in your household, you may not be too successful.

Get input from others. 

Ask questions of your household members to help guide your system design.

Be flexible. 

The first system you create might not work the way you had planned.  No worries.  Make tweaks as necessary.  

What Systems Do You Need?

The systems we need tend to change over time.