I'm Jeni Brown, a Professional Organizer and Productivity Specialist.  

I love helping others get organized.  It's incredibly rewarding to help clients reimagine their space, clear the clutter and increase functionality.  And for the client, it can be life changing. 

I was my own first client.  I was terribly cluttered and disorganized for a long time.  It got to a point where my physical space was negatively impacting my mental space.  I knew I had to make a change. 

I started learning everything I could about becoming organized.  I read books and articles, scoured the internet for motivation, and put what I was learning into practice.  

It took awhile, but every time I got an area of my life organized, the more motivated I was to keep going.  

Now I help others who are struggling with clutter, disorganization and systems that just don't work.

The journey to live a more organized life can be tough.  Really tough.  But it is absolutely do-able.  More than that, it really can be life changing (and dare I mention - even fun!).  

I am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).  As a member, I adhere to NAPO's strict Code of Ethics.  In addition to being a member at the national level, I am also a member of the St. Louis Chapter of NAPO.

Do you need help getting organized?  Let's connect.  Contact me via email at  [email protected].


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