Clear the clutter + set up systems

So you can take back your life!

Clear the clutter + set up systems

so you can take back your life

"Simple and effective solutions to get organized, live better, and create the life you crave."

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Everyone has clutter.  If you feel weighed down by yours, you've come to the right place.  With practical tips, helpful resources, and programs focused on keeping things'll be living more organized in no time.

When organizing, do you:

  • start off strong but lose motivation quickly?
  • struggle to know where to begin?
  • accomplish more when you have an accountability partner to keep you on track?
  • become easily distracted and lose focus?
  • have an idea or vision of your end goal, but don't know how to get there?

You need a professional organizer.

Choose your



Hey there,

I'm Jeni, a Certified Virtual Organizing Professional.

I help busy families ditch the stress of a cluttered home with custom organizing solutions that impact more than just their space.  And I do it all without ever even entering their home.


Live in the St. Louis metropolitan area?  Looking for on-site organizing services?

I do that, too.  On-site decluttering and organizing services are $60 per hour.  Mileage fees may apply.  Email [email protected] for more information, or schedule a free 20-minute Zoom consultation to discuss your needs by clicking HERE.

What is virtual



Virtual organizing is a lot like on-site organizing, except instead of physically being at your home or business, I am providing guidance and support to you via a video messaging service, such as Zoom or FaceTime. 

Virtual Organizing gives you a partner to help you stay focused while you complete the tasks. 

Whether the project involves decluttering, organizing or systems, or a combination of all three, when you choose the virtual organizing option, I'll work alongside you virtually, motivating, encouraging, and keeping you focused on your goals throughout the process. 

To make the most of our time together, we will work on the most challenging parts of the project together, with optional homework that you can work on in-between our sessions together.

Here's the thing; organizing is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  That's the beauty of working with me - I know the questions to ask, and the tools to use, to create a space that functions for you, based on your unique needs.

✨I break the project down into manageable chunks so that it is not overwhelming or stressful.  

✨Your new system is designed to be easy to maintain.  

✨You reach your goals faster because you have a partner.

✨You learn how to work through your clutter and organizing stumbling blocks.

✨You get it done, judgement-free, with me by your side.

No one has to enter your nice is that?!

There is a greater skills transfer than with on-site organizing. 

You can gain a deeper understanding of the organizing process = more bang for your buck. 

It's an excellent way to help you build sustainable routines and habits, both of which can simplify your life beyond measure.

It can be much more affordable than on-site organizing, both in money and time.  Sounds good, right? 

Good Things To Know About

virtual  organizing 


Virtual sessions are 60-minutes each.  90-minute sessions can be arranged, if desired and if it looks like it will be a good use of our time together.

Virtual organizing sessions can be scheduled for weekdays, evenings, and weekends.  

I typically recommend no more than 3 virtual organizing sessions per client per week.

New clients must first schedule a free 20-minute consult call to determine if virtual organizing will be a good fit before beginning a project.  

Existing clients may book directly through the website.

You must be able to do the work.  Decluttering and organizing can be very physical.  If you are not able to lift and move items, or you do not have someone who can be there to help, you may not be a good candidate for virtual organizing.

The price for a 60-minute virtual organizing session is $60.  The price for a 90-minute virtual organizing session is $90.


Strategy Sessions

Because sometimes you just need to talk through it.


If you ever find yourself feeling like you have made all the organizational improvements that you or your family needs, but you're still not getting out the door on-time, or despite your best efforts, you still can't find that important thing that you put in the place where you wouldn't forget.  Maybe you just need another opinion on how to make your evenings less hectic, or you may be struggling with your child to keep their room tidy.  your evenings are still leaving you feeling frazzled, there's a good chance that there is a breakdown in your system. 

During the 90-minute strategy session, we have an open and honest dialogue about your needs and wants for your space, about what's working, and what's not, and your struggles and frustrations with your systems.  I listen and take notes while we brainstorm together.  

Good Things To Know About

strategy sessions


Strategy sessions are 90-minutes each and are held via Zoom.  

I will email you a questionnaire to complete before we meet.  The questionnaire gives me insight into your living situation and helps me to know what questions I need to ask you during our session in order to maximize our time together.  

The solutions I suggest are unique to you and your needs and wants; I do not give out one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions.

As part of your session, you have 7 days of unlimited email access to me following your session.

If you would like help implementing your new systems, you may purchase one or more virtual organizing sessions.

The price for a 90-minute strategy session is $90.


What people are


The hall linen closet was something I've been meaning to clean out for over a year!  It feels good to have it done!  Thanks for the motivation!

-T.B. [31-Day Purge Challenge participant]

Thanks for your 14 day challenge. It really resonated with me and showed me that tackling a little bit each time is key for maintaining progress. I'm determined to keep spending 30 mins on the 2 days per week that I work from home to continue slowly making my way through each drawer, cabinet, closet and shelf.

-V.D. [14-Day Declutter Challenge participant]

60-Minute Virtual Organizing Session


  • 60-minute Zoom call with Jeni
  • Detailed session notes
  • Guidance and direction as you complete the work
  • Product suggestions
  • 7 days of unlimited email access to Jeni

'Make It Happen' Motivation Program

  • Four 60-minute Zoom calls with Jeni per month (1 per week)
  • Detailed session notes
  • Exceptional focus on your organizing goals
  • Unlimited email access to Jeni while in the program

90-Minute Organizing Strategy


  • 90-minute Zoom call with Jeni
  • Detailed session notes
  • Actionable steps that you can take right away
  • Product suggestions
  • 7 days of unlimited email access to Jeni
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Are you ready?

Ready to make your transformation to organized?  I'll be right by your side every step of the way.