A little about me

Hey friend,

I'm Jeni, and I'm so glad you're here.

I love helping others get organized.  It's incredibly rewarding to help clients reimagine their space, clear the clutter and increase functionality.  

I was terribly cluttered and disorganized for a long time.  It got to a point where my physical space was negatively impacting my mental space.  Thanks to a frantic three day search for a car title, I knew I had to make a change. 

I started learning everything I could about becoming organized.  I read books and articles, scoured the internet for motivation, and put what I was learning into practice.  

It took a while, but every time I got an area of my life organized, the more motivated I was to keep going.  

Now I help others who are struggling with clutter, disorganization, and systems that just don't work.

The journey to live a more organized life can be tough.  Really tough.  But it is absolutely do-able.  More than that, it can be life changing (and dare I mention - even fun!).  

Fun Facts

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Badass Habits


Why is organizing my passion?

So many reasons!  Here are my top 10:

I like knowing where to find my stuff.  That's a good feeling, right?

I like knowing where to find my kids' stuff (even when they've looked everywhere *insert exhausted whine from child here*).  If you've got kids, or a spouse, or the dog always asking "have you seen my [fill in the blank]" you know what I'm talking about.

I don't have coordination or rhythm, but I do have a really good eye for finding solutions that others don't see.

I'm a busy body and love trying out new ways of doing things, organizing things, and arranging things.  PS - My clients love this because we get a lot done!

I love a good "before" and "after".  Doesn't everybody?

I don't want to spend extra or unnecessary time doing things.  I want to get done what needs to be done so that I can do what I want to do.

Cluttered and disorganized?  Been there, done that.  Life is brighter, and lighter, on the organized side.

Helping others transform their lives, their spaces, and their relationship with clutter, is my happy place.

I firmly believe your space should make you happy.

Organization is a skill that everyone needs to know, but few are taught.  I want to change that.


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