Paper Management Strategies That Work

(even if you are an out of sight, out of mind type).



Hello there!

Whether you were there for the live class or you are just catching up now, I'm thrilled you joined Paper Management Strategies That Work (even if you are an out of sight, out of mind type).  You have access to this class until Friday, February 25.

Click the video above to watch the class, then check out the downloads (below).  Because this is a class about managing papers, and part of that means reducing the amount of papers that we bring into our homes, the pdfs are fillable, meaning they can be completed on your computer!  No need to print - woo whoo!  

That doesn't mean you can't print them out, though :)  There's no judgement here!  I personally prefer using good ol' fashioned pen and paper.  Information seems to stick with me longer when I physically write it down. 

The point is, you do you.  If you want to print it, great.  Prefer to complete it online?  Also, great. 

The calendar will need to be printed in order to use it. 

And speaking of reducing papers, be sure and check out the resource below from the Federal Trade Commission on how to reduce junk mail.      

How to Opt-Out of Junk Mail

How to use the worksheets:


The calendar is blank and has space for 31 days.  It doesn't have the days listed, meaning you can print a new calendar for every month.  If you prefer to add the days of the week, simply do so beside each appropriate number.  

The calendar is divided into four columns.  You can use each column to represent different categories of information to keep track of.  For example, one column could be used to track bills by due date, another for extracurricular or other activities, one for dinner ideas, etc.  

Worksheet - Need Papers

Use this worksheet to help you determine what papers you need to keep and the categories to file them under.  

Worksheet - Other Papers

There are a couple of ways to use this worksheet.  You can think about the papers you want to keep and jot down the types of paper or sub-categories associated with each category; or, you can use this as you work through your piles.  For example, use sticky notes to label each piece of paper and create categories from there.  

Worksheet - Organizing Solution

Use this worksheet to help you set up different types of systems.  Choose which type of organizing solution you will use, add what you will use it for, list the types of papers that the organizing solution will hold, list the supplies you will need to set up and maintain the system, and then answer the questions below.  Use one for each system you set up.

This exercise is all about helping you become more intentional with your papers. 

It allows you to consider and make an actual plan for:

  • what you will keep
  • where you will keep it
  • how and when you will maintain it
  • who you need to teach to use the system

Here's an example of how you could use Organizing Solution Worksheet:

Type - Binder

Use for - Food Stuff

(in the large box below, list what type of information this solution - the food stuff binder - will hold)

  • recipe ideas
  • meal planning
  • take out menus
  • articles about cooking, etc.

Supplies - list what supplies you need to make this solution functional

  • binder
  • pocket folders
  • Sharpie
  • zip pocket

Where will I keep it?

  • On the kitchen counter

How will I maintain it?

  • I will create separate folders for my different sub-categories, and will place the appropriate papers in each folder as I find them/print them/bring them into my home.

When will I maintain it?

  • When it becomes too full or otherwise unmanageable.

Who else will access it?

  • Everybody in the house.

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What Do I Need?

Download this free worksheet to help you set up a filing system based on your needs.


What Do I Want?

Download this free worksheet to help you determine what other papers you should keep.


Solution Worksheet

Download this free worksheet to create an action plan for your paper systems.



Download your free calendar to help you keep track of bills and other important items.