A quick, simple, and fun way to eliminate the excess.  

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14-Day Declutter Challenge by Jeni Thompson
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Declutter the most used areas of your home.

Experience big results in just 15-30 minutes a day.

Get organized without the overwhelm.

Wondering if the 14-Day Declutter Challenge is right for you?

Check out what past participants said:

I loved week 1. I purged, organized and cleaned and I feel really good about the kitchen!!!


Enjoyed week 1. Felt really good that I accomplished something each day. The whole idea of decluttering becomes overwhelming to me.


I also loved week 1. It's amazing how cluttered my kitchen was but I had turned a blind eye and didn't even notice it anymore. I'm glad we started in the kitchen. 


(The challenge) was wonderful and I've told many of my friends about it. I would sign up again, as well as many of my friends. It really helps to just have someone give you one task at a time. Otherwise it is so overwhelming and I always look ahead. I liked also that I could do it at my own pace and time.  Loved it!


I was ready for this challenge and found it very helpful. While the challenges were things you could do in under 1 hour, I typically did more than was expected. I would highly recommend the 31 day challenge and Jeni was great to work with!


I moved into my house a little over a year ago. I cleaned out under the sink and put my things away. Today when I pulled out the shallow tubs from under my sink, I noticed something had dripped all over my stuff. It looked like candlewax. With further investigation, I found that it was coming from the soap dispenser that screws in from underneath the sink. It looked like a volcano erupted! I started the challenge this morning thinking it really isn’t necessary to empty this cabinet...now I’m so thankful I did. I really appreciate you offering this course to us for such a reasonable price, Jeni. Thank you!


The hall linen closet was something I’ve been meaning to clean out for over a year! It feels good to have it done! Thanks for the motivation!  


Testimonials from the 31-Day Purge Challenge, March 2021

Learn the simple steps to make the decluttering process easy and routine when you join the 


14-Day Declutter Challenge


Ditch the clutter. 

Spend less time cleaning. 

Have more time for yourself.


Do you find yourself hitting stumbling blocks?

I can help you through the decluttering process in a way that is pressure-free and not overwhelming.

Make 2022 the year you get organized.  

Starting Monday, January 10th, participants will receive a daily guided prompt for a category to declutter, with step-by-step instructions on how to do it. 


Stop wondering where to start.

 The strategies I will teach you are designed to help you stay organized and can be used in any room of your home. 

Best of all, each day's challenge is designed to be completed quickly, meaning you are making progress toward your goals without sacrificing your valuable time.


New year, decluttered spaces.

 We are going to start the new year off by decluttering the areas of your home that will provide you with tremendous benefit - the kitchen, bathroom, and entry way - three of the most high traffic, high clutter areas.  


It's not about getting rid of things. 

 It's about figuring out what is important to you, what serves you, and what adds to your life.

Stop letting clutter overwhelm you.

Get it done quickly, efficiently and in a way that is easy to maintain.  Quit wishing you could get rid of your clutter; join me for actionable steps to get it done. 

Declutter the most used areas of your home in less than 30 minutes a day with the help of a professional organizer


Join the 14-Day Declutter Challenge for only $14. 


Challenge runs Monday, January 10 - Monday, January 24. 


Participate every day and be entered to win a $50 gift card.


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