Scissors, Scissors, Everywhere

Jan 20, 2021
Multiple Pairs of Scissors

Have you ever noticed how often you need scissors?  I’m honestly amazed at how often I need them.  That’s why I keep so many pairs around.  Normally, I am a less is more type, but not when it comes to scissors.   

Here’s the scissor low-down in my life.  I have a pair in the laundry room, two pairs in the kitchen, a pair in the cabinet in the hallway, a pair in the basement, one in both bathrooms and a pair in each of the bedrooms.  I also keep a small pair in my bag and one in my car.  Even though it may seem like a lot, scissors are one of those handy tools that is helpful to have in almost every room of your home.

Not every room needs the standard size of scissors.  For instance, the small, grooming-type scissors generally good for bathrooms, bedrooms and vehicles.  regular size scissors are good to have in the kitchen, laundry room and other living spaces of the house. 

Since they are not bulky, are easy to store, and are used so frequently, scissors are one of the few things that for me, having more is more.  Do you agree or disagree? 

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