Why Every Item Needs a Home

clutter Jun 10, 2021
Clean Kitchen Counter

I’m sure you’ve heard that every item in your home should have a home.  Sometimes that's easier said than done, right?  It really does make a difference, though.  Here's a real life example of why it is good advice.

Last week I was feeling under the weather.  I’m a single mom to two boys, and am the main doer around the house.  For three days, I felt like doing nothing other than sleep.  I didn’t have a lot of energy and I certainly didn’t want to expend the energy I did have on housework.  By the end of the three days, this was my kitchen…

Once I was feeling better, the first thing I wanted to tackle was the mess that had accumulated on the peninsula.  While it looked a little overwhelming, I wondered how long it would really take me to clean it up.  So I decided to do an experiment. I started the stopwatch on my phone and got to work, taking each item to its designated space.  

Not everything had a home, so I did have some decisions to make here and there. 

The result?  I had the countertop clutter cleared in less than 15 minutes, even with having to assign homes for a few things.  It took me 14 minutes and 49 seconds, to be exact.  I was careful to put everything where it belonged, and not simply move items around to other parts of the house just to get them off the counter, which, I'll be honest, happens sometimes.

The takeaway?  When everything has a home, it is easier and quicker to clear the clutter.  And wouldn't you rather spend your time doing something besides picking up?

Today, I encourage you to find two or three items in your space that need a home and give them one.  I bet you'll like the result, especially when it's time to clean up!

 Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when assigning homes for your items:

  1. Store it where you will use it.
  2. Remember the concept of prime real estate; if it is something you will use frequently, it should be in an easy-to-reach location.  
  3. If you have no idea where to store it, ask yourself if you really want or need it.
  4. If it is something that will be used by multiple people in your household, make sure they know where to find it.  Asking their input about where it should be stored is a good idea, too.    

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